Craftor Fasadbild

Otera Ratel becomes Craftor

New name, but same company. In the end of August did we change our company name into Craftor AB, but we are still the same company with the same kind of business. Together with all of you clients and suppliers we continue to develop and maintain a world class power grid.

The background to this change of name is that our biggest share holder has sold the Norwegian part of Otera and therefor also the rights to the brand. To us in Sweden is the change of name the only change. Together with our solid owners we keep developing the company, business and market, just under a different name. As Craftor we now have bigger possibilities to keep growing and establish ourself as the leading power grid contractor in Sweden, of course — together with you.

A warm welcome to Craftor AB — We promise that you’ll recognize us!

Best regards

Sign. Klas Urban

Klas Urban Hilberth, VD.