Craftor secures the power supply

Craftor has been commissioned by Ellevio to secure Stockholm’s electricity supply.

It is an extensive project that will secure Stockholm’s electricity supply for the future, while high-voltage air lines will disappear from nature. The work, which is carried out in consortium with NKT HV Cables, which provides the cable system, means that nine parallel 420 kV cables will be installed along a distance of about 12 km in both land and water from Beckomberga to Bredäng. Craftor’s part refers to work on land along a distance of approximately 6.7 km with the aim of strengthening the capacity in Stockholm and to demolish the existing overhead lines and instead dig down ground cables in order to free up land for future exploitation in the affected areas. In addition to this, the project also includes the reconstruction of two stations for which Craftor is responsible.
District Manager Peter Jonsson is expectant of the work and thinks it feels fun that Craftor has been given the opportunity.

“Our work on site preparation will start in March 2020 and it feels very exciting,” says Peter Jonsson, district manager.