New ground management between Måby-Rosersberg

Craftor has been commissioned by Vattenfall to lay a new 130 kV line between transformer station Måby and new transformer station in Rosersberg Södra.

It is an extensive land project that is in a southerly direction from Måby in Märsta to Rosersberg. Craftor’s work involves shafting and laying of 130 kV ground cable. The purpose of the reorganization of the cable is to strengthen the electricity grid in the region. This is based on the need to meet an increased transfer need in the future as a result of the new establishment of operations in Rosersberg’s industrial area.

The work started in mid-January 2020 and should be completed in mid-August 2020. This means that it is an extremely short execution time with passage through areas that can contain several different difficulties such as unexploded ammunition, soil pollution, passage through a golf course, during a by rail and through land areas with ancient remains. Planning and planning of the project was started several years ago and the long period of time before the start of production means that some stakeholders along the route may have received new staff, forgotten or thought that the project would fail, so a lot of extra communication is required now that we’re getting started.

– The challenge for the project for us is to cope with execution time despite the changes that occur during the course of the work, says Kjell Johansson, project manager.

Kjell, however, is hopeful that the work will flow so that Craftor can fulfill the client’s expectations and that both parties will be satisfied with the implementation and results.