We are proud to be part of the West Swedish project

This autumn we are visiting projects in central Gothenburg. The project is part of the Gothenburg Agreement and thereby the West Swedish package where the infrastructure in Gothenburg needs to be strengthened. The project is large and is ongoing throughout the city with several different actors such as PEAB and Skanska. Nothing has really been done regarding the expansion and improvement of the infrastructure in Gothenburg since 1960 and therefore the need is great right now.

The largest part is about communication by train through Gothenburg being improved and made smoother. There will be three underground stations under Gothenburg; Central Station, Rosenlund and Korsvägen.

On the stage Olskroken, where Craftor is right now and is laying 10-15 high-voltage cables 12 kV, work is being done to ensure that Västlänken has its own tracks into the tunnel and under Gothenburg.

Other parts Craftor will be a part of include the Central Station, where we will move cables, put into operation about 10 high-voltage stations and run cables to these.

In total, it is about 400 km of cable that Craftor will help to pull over before the project is finally completed.