We help meet the needs of the future

In Solna, near the Mall of Scandinavia shopping center, a distribution project is currently underway. The work involves rearranging two loops. The loops feed large parts of Solna and we will help the customer to meet the future need for electricity supply in the area, as well as avoid bottlenecks in the network by re-stowing the load and balancing loads on both loops. The redevelopment also includes the replacement of three stations as they have passed 40 years and will advantageously be replaced with newer and more modern buildings. The new stations must be equipped with fault indication on all switches and that each switch must be able to be operated remotely so that the operation can benefit from the created connection possibilities. Through the conversion, you also get multiple connection options between the two loops.

Our work therefore involves reconnecting existing cables to temporary stations and then tearing down the current station, preparing and locating the new stations, and reconnecting the cables from the temporary stations to the new and modern ones.
The project has been implemented in three stages. We are now in part three and are expected to be completed in March 2021.