Greta Brännlund nominated for Power Woman of the Year 2021

Every year, the association Kraftkvinnorna nominates Kraftkvinna of the Year. The award has been established to make women in the energy sector visible and uplifting, to broaden the recruitment base and attract more people to the industry. With more female role models, the hope is that more women will be attracted to the industry. This year, the nominations break records, almost 170 women have been nominated, which is absolutely fantastic!

One of the nominated women is our Assistant Business Area Manager Transmission, Greta Brännlund. Greta is the only nominee who represents the entrepreneurial side of the industry.

– It feels fantastic to represent Craftor but also the entrepreneurial side of our industry. I am convinced that the industry needs and would benefit from more women and more female role models, says Greta.

The winner will be crowned on November 15 at Epicenter in Stockholm and of course we keep our fingers crossed for Greta!