Welcome to our new head office in Sollentuna!

Now we have taken the next step and have moved into our new premises in Sollentuna!

Moving to a new office is a big project, but with the right collaborations, it goes like a dance. Many thanks to our employees who are committed and tirelessly packed and planned.

We also want to thank our suppliers Office Depot, Svenska Installationsproffsen, Lewéns Totalentreprenad, Novus Elektriska AB, IT-snillet AB, Rospiggen Express AB, Terraplants AB, Delldesign AB, Schneider Electric AB, Norrtälje låsservice AB, PC Byrån Sverige AB, Presto Brandsäkerhet AB, VLG, DPJ Workspace and SmartRecycling.

We look forward to getting to know our new neighbors in the house and welcoming our customers and others to our new address. In the future, you will find our head office on Rotebergsvägen 3.