Craftor AB starts a collaboration with Swedish champion Calle Carlberg in the electric Opel e-rally cup!

This is done as the competition’s main sponsor in the decisive final competition. Carlberg has the chance to take home second place overall in the cup as there is a difference of two points down to third. It looks like it will be an exciting final for foreign debutant Carlberg, who managed to become Swedish champion last year.

The ADAC Opel e-rally Cup is run for the second year in a row as the world’s first all-electric rally series, a step towards a more sustainable future in motorsport. The series consists of 7 competitions in 5 different countries around Europe.

The final competition, where Craftor AB is the main sponsor, starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Saturday evening. The competition is called 3-City Rallye and is run in 3 countries. Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Calle comments on the following about the collaboration;

“I am very happy about the collaboration with Craftor. Without them, a start in the final competition would have been difficult, as we lacked a budget for the end of the season. I love what I do and hope to spread it with my collaborators. I think we should be proud to be part of and together develop the sustainable motorsport of the future. Here we go!”