Craftor and Sara Hector attract competence to the industry of the future

Craftor becomes the new main sponsor for giant slalom star Sara Hector. The collaboration means better conditions for Sara during her continued alpine venture. For its part, Craftor wants to increase awareness of its own brand and above all to attract women to the industry.

There is a great shortage of electrical power engineers and the male dominance is striking. With Sara Hector as the leading figure, Craftor now hopes to attract more people to the industry, especially women.

In recent years, Craftor has carried out solid work to create an equal workplace and sustainable industry. For us, this change is not only about creating a nice and fair working environment, it is also about gender equality being profitable, says Henrik Bolinder, CEO of Craftor.

We are very happy about our collaboration with Sara. Not only is she an incredible athlete, she also stands for values ​​that are important to us. We hope that our joint work will lead to us attracting more employees who share our basic vision of how the workplace of the future should look. Sweden is facing major challenges regarding the expansion of the electricity grid and we at Craftor want to lead the way to develop the industry in a sustainable way, Henrik continues.

Sara Hector has recently moved from Åre to the Austrian town of Au. By living centrally in Europe, Sara is closer to competitions and can further invest in her career.

Craftor and I really clicked. We believe in each other and see that we can bring about change together. My main sponsor works for gender equality and sustainable development, these are very important issues for me. At the same time, Craftor has made my move to Austria possible. It not only creates better conditions for me to train more and travel less. It is also good from an environmental perspective to be able to cut all these flights. I promise to do my utmost to manage this investment in the best way and defend the Swedish colors on the hill, says Sara Hector.