Craftor doubles revenue for ALS research

On April 1, it is time for the third year of the Hector ALS Challenge in Kungsberget, Sandviken. The charity event is initiated and instituted by Sara Hector in collaboration with Kungsbergets ski resort and Kungsbergets Alpina. The aim is to spread knowledge about the aggressive disease ALS and raise money for research.

In 2015, Sara Hector’s mother was diagnosed with ALS. After the worst shock subsided and the family got through the initial sadness and uncertainty, Sara decided to use her profession and platform to make a difference.

My mother’s diagnosis was of course a hard blow to our family. One way I deal with it is to focus on what I can actually do. The idea of a ski competition to benefit ALS research was born and then everything went quite quickly, says Sara Hector, founder.

After Sara talked to her contacts at Kungsberget and the ski club, the planning was underway. In 2019, the event premiered and had a big impact. The following two years were canceled due to the pandemic. In 2022, the competition was held again, with a new collection record. Now Saras Hector’s main sponsor Craftor hopes that the Hector ALS Challenge will continue to take the place it deserves.

As Sara’s main sponsor, it was a matter of course for us to support this event. It is both impressive and inspiring to see a sports star who gets involved and takes time for charity projects, in the midst of his own flourishing career. We gave our word to double all money raised for the Hector ALS Challenge. Something that we hope will cost us, says Henrik Bolinder, CEO Craftor.

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