The graphic profile forms the basis for the image of Craftor that is given in printed matter, on the web, advertisements and in the workplace. It contributes to a unified and consistent visual identity and creates recognition and desired positive associations while at the same time reinforcing the unity of everyone who works at Craftor.

Our visual identity should also convey Craftor’s core values ​​- how we want the company to be perceived. A Craftor that is modern, professional and with the best technical solutions. Through words and pictures, we are going to convey a company that we are proud of and that arouses the curiosity, attention and interest of our target groups.

This graphic manual describes Craftor’s visual identity. Here you will find a framework for logos, colors, fonts and designs. Use the manual as a tool to create a uniform visual image of Craftor. It strengthens our brand and helps build confidence in our business.

Stockholm September 2019