We are renewing the switchgear in Västra Hamnen, Malmö

In Malmö, we currently have a station project where we are renewing the switchgear and replacing two transformers with a capacity of 130/10 kV for our customer Eon.

The switchgear is from the 70s, but the building in which the station is located is an old shipyard where boats were previously built.

Our work at the station began in September 2020 and is expected to be completed in October 2021. The calculation is SEK 31 million. The station distributes electricity to the entire Västra Hamnen in Malmö, which is a large residential and industrial area today.

The work that is currently underway and remains to be done in the future is various installations indoors, it will be dug outdoors to be able to splice outgoing cables and the installation of two transformers. The voltage setting is planned for 31/5.

70 kV transformer compartment for Carpe Futurum

Inside the Vattenfall CHP plant’s area in Uppsala, Craftor is currently working on completing an expansion of a switchgear linked to Vattenfall’s billion investment in Uppsala, intended to phase out the last fossil fuel to give Uppsala residents the opportunity for fossil-free heating called Carpe Futurum.

In this project, the East Stations department has also collaborated with our Distribution department. It is fantastic that we can use each other’s knowledge and experience within the Group and across departmental boundaries.

Our values

Our values are the cornerstones on which we rest Craftor’s corporate culture.

In a work to develop Craftor, we have now developed three new values that describe us.

The new values are Entrepreneurship, Commitment and Together.

Read more about our values here on our website under the tab About us.

Transformer replacements to meet future needs

In Vedum, we carry out two transformer replacements during the winter, setting up a new compartment and adapting the control room. Each transformer weighs approximately 18 tons.

The project is a framework agreement project at Vattenfall and the purpose is to give the station an increase in power so that you can meet the need for extra power supply in the area. The station is of an older nature and no major work has been done here for a long time.

The planning of the work began already in the spring of 2020, while the work itself gained momentum in mid-October. Today we have three fitters on site from Stationer SydVäst and it is expected to be ready in March 2021.

In this project, they have chosen not to do any total rebuilding, but they choose, among other things, to supplement with a used compartment. In addition, the transformer T2, which is now being replaced, will be reused in another station in the future. In this way, our customer saves both the environment and the economy, which is very good!

Welcome to 2021!

We want to welcome our customers, suppliers and employees into the year 2021! We have high hopes that 2021 will offer exciting and educational projects. We currently have projects such as Kalvkullen-Fäboberget where we are building a 29 km long overhead line and an ongoing project in Gothenburg concerning the West Swedish project where we help to strengthen the infrastructure in Gothenburg. Welcome to join us on our journey!

We help meet the needs of the future

In Solna, near the Mall of Scandinavia shopping center, a distribution project is currently underway. The work involves rearranging two loops. The loops feed large parts of Solna and we will help the customer to meet the future need for electricity supply in the area, as well as avoid bottlenecks in the network by re-stowing the load and balancing loads on both loops. The redevelopment also includes the replacement of three stations as they have passed 40 years and will advantageously be replaced with newer and more modern buildings. The new stations must be equipped with fault indication on all switches and that each switch must be able to be operated remotely so that the operation can benefit from the created connection possibilities. Through the conversion, you also get multiple connection options between the two loops.

Our work therefore involves reconnecting existing cables to temporary stations and then tearing down the current station, preparing and locating the new stations, and reconnecting the cables from the temporary stations to the new and modern ones.
The project has been implemented in three stages. We are now in part three and are expected to be completed in March 2021.

We are proud to be part of the West Swedish project

This autumn we are visiting projects in central Gothenburg. The project is part of the Gothenburg Agreement and thereby the West Swedish package where the infrastructure in Gothenburg needs to be strengthened. The project is large and is ongoing throughout the city with several different actors such as PEAB and Skanska. Nothing has really been done regarding the expansion and improvement of the infrastructure in Gothenburg since 1960 and therefore the need is great right now.

The largest part is about communication by train through Gothenburg being improved and made smoother. There will be three underground stations under Gothenburg; Central Station, Rosenlund and Korsvägen.

On the stage Olskroken, where Craftor is right now and is laying 10-15 high-voltage cables 12 kV, work is being done to ensure that Västlänken has its own tracks into the tunnel and under Gothenburg.

Other parts Craftor will be a part of include the Central Station, where we will move cables, put into operation about 10 high-voltage stations and run cables to these.

In total, it is about 400 km of cable that Craftor will help to pull over before the project is finally completed.

We are building the overhead line between Kalvkullen and Fäboberget

In Fredrika, a small town in the southern part of Lapland (Västerbotten County), we currently have a construction contract. Our customer Vattenfall is currently building a wind farm and we will build an overhead line of approximately 29 km that will connect to the wind farm. The work is divided into two packages, of which we have received one and Vattenfall Service the other.

The work involves the construction of 161 post sites to be built between Kalvkullen and Fäboberget near Fredrika.

What distinguishes this project from other projects we have is that we will build 48 posts with composite posts, 7 truss posts and the remaining posts will be built with wooden posts. The reason for choosing to mix different sets of poles is mainly because in some places very long poles are needed that only composite poles are long enough to handle.

To reduce the impact on the environment in the form of driving injuries and to make the work more time-efficient, a helicopter will be taken in during three to four rounds to drive out poles and joists to the pole positions. In October, the helicopter was used for the first time. Otherwise, to cope with the occasionally tough terrain, excavators, six-wheelers and tracked vehicles are used to transport personnel and materials.