Specialized in troubleshooting, control measurement and maintenance. Mätbussen can detect and solve complex interruptions with network owners as well as companies and private individuals.

The employees of Mätbussen have a high level of expertise, long experience and are constantly trained for skills development to offer a complete supplier service in everything related to measurement technology. The staff can also work at sea and have certificates for off-shore work and GWO certificates for wind power.

Mätbussen is part of Craftor and is a service with quick response and short set times. Within the Mätbussen there are two specially equipped transport cars stationed in Stockholm and Gothenburg that carry out both planned work and emergency assignments across the country, including:

– Exposure, identification and location

– Troubleshooting

– Troubleshooting and emergency repairs

– Remediation of oil pressurized cable

– Cable testing, testing and diagnostics, VLF, PD and TD measurements

– Sea cable work – documentation and recommendations

Mätbussen operates in voltage levels between 0.4 and 400 kV.

Feel free to contact us around the clock on 070-654 92 55 or at kabelfel@craftor.se