Health, environment and safety – At Craftor we take care of each other and make sure everyone comes home safe.

At Craftor there is an open organization with informal and entrepreneurial culture.We want to be a workplace where everyone feels needed, has the opportunity to develop and gets to speak freely and feel comfortable.

But just as important as making everyone happy in the workplace is that everyone comes home safe. At Craftor, all employees have a personal responsibility to create safe workplaces, to work safely and to act on instinct  and incorrect behavior in the environment.

We have a responsibility to take care of each other.

Therefore, we work systematically with work environment and safety issues and investigate and follow up the operations to prevent ill-health and accidents.

Our goal is, of course, zero accidents – but we must act together for that.

All our employees should be able to work in their working environment throughout their working life and still feel really good.