With 15,000 kilometers of transmission lines, Sweden’s national grid extends across the country and provides consumers and companies with electricity – almost exclusively through 400 kV overhead lines. It is a cost-effective, reliable and environmentally adapted technology that is also the backbone of both Sweden’s national electricity networks and many smaller regional electricity networks. Investments and maintenance here are a prerequisite for high security of supply for transmission of electric power.

With the expertise and capacity to build all types of power lines up to 400 kV, Craftor performs both complete contracts and parts of others.

By taking care of compliance, permit preparation, construction, service and maintenance, assembly and commissioning, we – and thus the network owner – have full control over the project.

Craftor also designs its own stations that can be adapted directly to specific needs in complex projects.

All projects are unique, but regardless of whether an existing obsolete transmission line is to be updated or if a completely new network is to be built, we have the capacity, the right equipment and the experience required to create the best and most efficient transmission system according to the client’s needs.