Sweden is growing and demand for electricity has increased dramatically – but it is close to 50 years since the electricity grid was greatly expanded. As new industrial and residential areas emerge and technology in the existing obsolescence requires extensive updates in the distribution network to avoid unwanted interruptions that can both be costly and have major consequences.

On behalf of network owners, electricity-intensive industry and major electricity consumers, all of whom require a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity.

Craftor designs, designs, builds and maintains power plants up to 40 kV. The greatest need is in the metropolitan regions around Stockholm, Gothenburg and Öresund and there we have the most assignments, but we also carry out work across the country.

Whether it is a new construction project or an update of an existing network, all projects are unique and we want to deliver the best and most efficient network available.

With Craftor’s competence and capacity, we can build customized network stations on site and we specialize in working in complex environments such as narrow metropolitan environments where great attention must be paid to people, traffic, other projects and existing network and infrastructure.

We simply build delivery-safe networks with a focus on preventative maintenance to minimize interruptions.

We have a department in Stockholm and a department in Gothenburg to best meet our customers’ needs.