Sustainability Goals

We have established long-term, overarching goals within each focus area outlined in our sustainability framework. These goals are further detailed on an annual basis with corresponding action plans.

Our overarching goals are:


  • Craftor strives to achieve the industry's best working environment with zero workplace accidents.

Our employees, considered our most valuable resource, are integral to maintaining our informal and entrepreneurially driven company culture, characterized by a genuine concern for each other.

Climate and Resources

  • Halve climate impact by 2030 and move towards net-zero emissions by 2045.
  • Achieve 100% circular material flows by 2045.

Craftor has set a target to reduce the climate impact from our operations by 5% by 2023. Additionally, in 2023, we are actively mapping the climate impact in our value chain, focusing on reducing the company's climate impact throughout the entire value chain.

Ethics and Responsibility in the Supply Chain

  • Craftor acts in accordance with our ethical guidelines and contributes to a value chain where operations are conducted under healthy working conditions and in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

Guided by our comprehensive ethical principles, we engage in a dialogue with our suppliers to foster an industry with improved working conditions and reduced environmental impact.

Collaboration and Social Responsibility

  • In collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we contribute to a long-term sustainable power grid in Sweden.

While acknowledging that we do not have control over all parts of our value chain, we firmly believe that collective efforts and collaboration will yield the greatest impact. Working together is essential to maximize the societal value we create.

For more information

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Emma Nolte
Sustainability Manager