Electrifying society is a crucial puzzle piece in the transition to a carbon-neutral community. However, expanding our electrical grid also demands resources in the form of materials and fuel, for instance, in the use of work vehicles and transportation. At Craftor, we aim to contribute to an industry transformation. We want to discover new, smarter solutions to minimize climate and environmental impact while maintaining the positive influence our operations have.

The foundation of Craftor's sustainability efforts lies in our sustainability framework. The framework is divided into four focus areas: Employees, Climate and Resources, Ethics and Responsibility in the Supply Chain , and Collaboration and Social ResponsibilityIt is within these areas that we have the greatest impact or the opportunity to positively influence our surroundings. For each area, there are long-term overarching goals, as well as goals and activities for the current year, to ensure that we are moving in the right direction (see Sustainability Goals).


Climate and Resources

Ethics and Responsibility in the Supply Chain

Collaboration and Social Responsibility

At Craftor, everyone is involved in sustainability efforts, and we continuously evolve our sustainability practices to create as much value as possible. As a power contractor involved in designing and expanding Sweden's electrical grid, we contribute to the transition to a fossil-free society through our operations. However, considering the substantial expansion needed for the electrical grid in the future, we recognize the importance of the industry focusing on how we build and the materials and products we use. This is a crucial step in reducing both our and the entire industry's climate impact. Craftor's primary focus is to, together with our customers and suppliers, explore and/or develop alternative, more climate-adapted methods, services, products, and materials. The goal is to minimize the negative impact of our operations while retaining and enhancing the positive influence we exert.

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Emma Nolte
Sustainability Manager