Environmental and Climate Work

Addressing global warming stands as one of humanity's paramount challenges, and we all share the responsibility to contribute solutions and curtail our climate impact for the well-being of future generations. At Craftor, we've set an ambitious goal to achieve climate neutrality throughout our entire value chain by 2045 and to halve our climate impact by 2030.

Meeting this challenging objective necessitates close collaboration with both our customers and suppliers. Understanding where the most significant emissions occur in our value chain is crucial, leading us to currently focus on mapping emissions in our value chain, referred to as scope 3. As we gather insights, we take action, benefiting from internal expertise that supports our projects in climate and environmental matters.

We also address emissions originating from our operations, known as scope 1 and 2, primarily composed of vehicle emissions. In 2023, we aim to reduce our scope 1 & 2 emissions by at least 5%. Our emissions are measured and reported according to the international standard GHGP (Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

Beyond climate goals, we've set targets to minimize waste, with an emphasis on incorporating waste into circular material flows. To realize these objectives, the collaboration of subcontractors and suppliers is crucial. We work closely with major suppliers to explore new materials, products, or methods to reduce the climate impact of the services we procure. 

To achieve our goals, it is crucial that subcontractors and suppliers join us on this journey. Therefore, we collaborate with our major suppliers to explore new materials and products or find ways to reduce the climate impact of the services we purchase from them.  

Encouraging high standards is pivotal, and we maintain an ongoing dialogue with major customers to gather data and test innovative solutions, accelerating overall industry development. The integration of sustainability requirements in procurement serves as a powerful tool to steer our entire industry towards a reduced climate impact. 

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Emma Nolte
Sustainability Manager