Cable Technology

Craftor stands at the forefront with certifications, expertise, and a dedicated arsenal of equipment, forming the foundational standards for electrical installation endeavors across various voltage levels. Yet, achieving excellence in this field demands experience and capacity to tailor the optimal solution for each unique project, given the distinct nature of every endeavor.

With over 35 years of hands-on experience and a team of skilled professionals, we specialize in the nationwide installation of joints and terminations with voltage levels reaching up to 400 kV. Whether the project involves submarine cables or cables featuring plastic, paper, or mineral oil insulation, our wealth of knowledge and available resources positions us to deliver solutions that are not only reliable but also sustainable over the long term.

Craftor is actively involved in cable replacements and installations, collaborating with power producers, grid owners, and high-demand electricity companies. Our capabilities extend to handling both meticulously planned projects and urgent emergency repairs.

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Daniel Lexén
Business Area Manager Transmission