Power Lines

Craftor constructs and develops local, regional, and national grids with voltage levels up to 400 kV for safe, efficient, and maintenance-free power supply.

As Sweden grows, there is an increasing demand for swift, effective, and enduring solutions to establish a robust cable network. With cutting-edge expertise and in-house experience, Craftor conceptualizes, constructs, and upkeeps both new and existing networks. Assuming accountability for the entire project allows us to steer each phase, ensuring heightened delivery reliability, enhanced quality, elevated safety standards, and cost-effectiveness.

Our operations span the entirety of Sweden, encompassing urban landscapes, rural regions, and untouched natural surroundings. We engage in projects involving both overhead line networks and cable networks.

Learn more about our various specialist areas: Cable Technology, Overhead Power Lines och Line Construction Projects

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Daniel Lexén
Business Area Manager Transmission