Porträttbild av Claes Forssman

New Business Area Manager for Stations

We are pleased to announce that in May Claes Forssman took over as new Business Area Manager for the Stations business area. Claes most recently comes from the role of responsible for Ellevio’s project operations within the regional network expansion in Stockholm and has a solid experience from both station and management projects. With our projects in Stockholm, Claes and Craftor have worked together for many years and already know each other well.

– To have the opportunity to enter Craftor now that the entire energy market is facing a major transformation that will affect both our customers and us feels very exciting and fun. The work on continuing to develop the station operations feels challenging but very stimulating and relevant, says Claes Forssman.

We warmly welcome Claes and wish him luck in his new role here with us at Craftor!

Porträttbild av Claes Forssman

Cable wiring in South Stockholm

In early April we will meet Karl Hultman in Huddinge on one of our newly started projects. When we are on site, the project has been going on since mid-March and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2020. The work is about excavating about 1 mile with a total of 12 part stages, about 300 joints and about 70 low voltage cabinets.

– We all have indoormeetings through Skype but outdoor meetings on projects we run as usual. We keep our distance and greet each other without contact. It goes well, says Kalle.

At the moment we only have our subcontractor at site and they say that they use a variety of different aids to facilitate work such as lifting devices for cable and self-propelled asphalt saw. In addition, an SJA (Safe Job Analysis) is written according to Craftor’s SJA blocks and reconciliations are made every week with projectmanager Kalle.

New ground management between Måby-Rosersberg

Craftor has been commissioned by Vattenfall to lay a new 130 kV line between transformer station Måby and new transformer station in Rosersberg Södra.

It is an extensive land project that is in a southerly direction from Måby in Märsta to Rosersberg. Craftor’s work involves shafting and laying of 130 kV ground cable. The purpose of the reorganization of the cable is to strengthen the electricity grid in the region. This is based on the need to meet an increased transfer need in the future as a result of the new establishment of operations in Rosersberg’s industrial area.

The work started in mid-January 2020 and should be completed in mid-August 2020. This means that it is an extremely short execution time with passage through areas that can contain several different difficulties such as unexploded ammunition, soil pollution, passage through a golf course, during a by rail and through land areas with ancient remains. Planning and planning of the project was started several years ago and the long period of time before the start of production means that some stakeholders along the route may have received new staff, forgotten or thought that the project would fail, so a lot of extra communication is required now that we’re getting started.

– The challenge for the project for us is to cope with execution time despite the changes that occur during the course of the work, says Kjell Johansson, project manager.

Kjell, however, is hopeful that the work will flow so that Craftor can fulfill the client’s expectations and that both parties will be satisfied with the implementation and results.

Craftor equips 130kV and 50kV switchgear

Craftor has been commissioned by E.On Energy Distribution to equip Oskarshamn S transformer station.

The assignment includes replacing high-voltage appliances on 50- and 130kV switchgear, adding a new compartment for zero-point equipment, dimensioning of busbar rails and rebuilding an existing control building to establish a new control plant.

The station is located outside Oskarshamn in Kalmar County and is an important entry point to the city.

-Such tasks like this are complicated. It is important to plan the exchange of appliances carefully as we cannot have too long interruptions. This is something we can do and we are proud to have gained E.ON’s confidence in delivering the project, ”says Alexander Lundh, project manager at Craftor AB.

In addition to the main assignment, some temporary solutions are also included in order to be able to change the plant operation.

The assignment is a total contract with construction start Q1 2020 and is expected to be completed Q4 2021.

For further information, contact:

Alexander Lundh, project manager, (+46)72- 231 89 30

Craftor secures the power supply

Craftor has been commissioned by Ellevio to secure Stockholm’s electricity supply.

It is an extensive project that will secure Stockholm’s electricity supply for the future, while high-voltage air lines will disappear from nature. The work, which is carried out in consortium with NKT HV Cables, which provides the cable system, means that nine parallel 420 kV cables will be installed along a distance of about 12 km in both land and water from Beckomberga to Bredäng. Craftor’s part refers to work on land along a distance of approximately 6.7 km with the aim of strengthening the capacity in Stockholm and to demolish the existing overhead lines and instead dig down ground cables in order to free up land for future exploitation in the affected areas. In addition to this, the project also includes the reconstruction of two stations for which Craftor is responsible.
District Manager Peter Jonsson is expectant of the work and thinks it feels fun that Craftor has been given the opportunity.

“Our work on site preparation will start in March 2020 and it feels very exciting,” says Peter Jonsson, district manager.

Otera Ratel becomes Craftor

New name, but same company. In the end of August did we change our company name into Craftor AB, but we are still the same company with the same kind of business. Together with all of you clients and suppliers we continue to develop and maintain a world class power grid.

The background to this change of name is that our biggest share holder has sold the Norwegian part of Otera and therefor also the rights to the brand. To us in Sweden is the change of name the only change. Together with our solid owners we keep developing the company, business and market, just under a different name. As Craftor we now have bigger possibilities to keep growing and establish ourself as the leading power grid contractor in Sweden, of course — together with you.

A warm welcome to Craftor AB — We promise that you’ll recognize us!

Best regards

Sign. Klas Urban

Klas Urban Hilberth, VD.