If you are big and strong, you must also take responsibility

Craftor is a proud sponsor of the Active School Foundation, which works to improve the school environment by educating students about areas such as drugs, grooming, health, the environment and bullying. We strongly believe that the future begins in school and that a safe school environment creates conditions for each student’s opportunity for good knowledge acquisition and a positive development.

Bullying is one of the most common reasons why young people in Sweden do not complete their upper secondary education. To achieve the UN’s global goal of Good education for all, we must together make the school a safe environment for all students to stay in, always.

We support Nattvandrarna

We are proud to support Nattvandrarna in Sollentuna Municipality.

Nattvandrarna are there to create security and confidence for Sweden’s young people. They are available in the evenings and nights on Fridays and Saturdays as well as at festivals and high-risk weekends. They work to prevent, among other things, drug abuse, violence, xenophobia and vandalism.

Thank you for creating community and security!

Craftor for Ukraine

We at Craftor obviously dissociate ourselves from human rights violations and thus the invasion that Ukraine has been subjected to. Due to this, Craftor has chosen to donate money to UNHCR and their important work.

We at Craftor are also grateful to the Akelius Foundation, which in March supports UNHCR by doubling the amount donated. We think that is fantastic!


In Solna and Sundbyberg, work is underway to upgrade Mälarbanan. The railway will be expanded and commuter train stations will be improved with, among other things, an underground station in Sundbyberg. By updating Mälarbanan, opportunities are created for the expansion of both housing and business.

Before work on Mälarbanan can begin, some preparatory work must be done. This helps Craftor in the form of electrical construction, investigation of existing cables, wiring, new production and various temporary cable removals. Our client is waterfalls. Project manager from Craftor is Fredrik Karlsson. The groundwork is carried out by Svevia on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration.

Craftor is building a golden station

Since May 2020, the project has been ongoing in Gubbängen, where we have built a new station for our customer Ellevio. Today, a completed station is ready to be connected to the electricity grid!

The purpose of the station is to help Stockholm’s southern suburbs with the electricity supply of the future. The station relieves other stations in the area and reduces the risk of power outages.

In this project, we have collaborated across departmental boundaries at Craftor where all of our departments Stations, Wiring and Distribution are involved to row the project into port. Due to the size of the project and the integration between the different departments, the project has been run in collaboration between 3 project managers from Craftor, all with their detailed knowledge in each area.

The building has been designed with an illuminated facade cladding that gives a cool feeling.

Inauguration of Kockums

In Malmö, we have had a station project the last year where we renewed the station with a new 10 kV switchgear and replaced two transformers with a voltage of 130/10 kV for our customer Eon.

The building in which the station is located is an old shipyard where. The station distributes electricity to the entire Västra Hamnen in Malmö, which is a large residential and industrial area today.

Throughout the project, we have had a very good foresight and the time savings that we succeeded in in the beginning, we have maintained until the final inspection. It was, on the whole, a very successful project with a good dialogue together with Eon’s project manager Mats Arendt. We have run the project as a team all the way and that is the key to us having succeeded so well. As always, it feels good when the project is finished and we have delivered what we promised. Now we are looking forward to new projects, says Craftor’s project manager Emil Johansson.

On Thursday 11/11, it was time for the inauguration of the new station and there were representatives from both the municipality and region as well as staff from Eon and Craftor.

The picture shows Craftor’s CEO Henrik Bolinder, Eon’s CEO Martin Höhler, Eon’s Regional Manager Syd Peter Hjalmar and Craftor’s Work Manager for Stations Claes Forssman.

One minute for safety

During week 43, it is the European Work Environment Week and together with our customer Vattenfall Eldistribution, we drew attention to the commitment today, October 26, by jointly implementing a 1-minute break for safety.

The purpose is to focus the spotlight on the importance of a good and safe working environment. Our staff is the most important thing we have in our business and therefore their health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. In order to prevent accidents and prevent ill health, it is important that we always focus on safety.

Break minute on our project in Barkarby in Stockholm..
The staff at the office in Gothenburg think about security!
Break minute on our project in Oskarshamn.
Break minute in Skutskär to think about safety.
Break minute in a construction shed to think about safety.
At our project in Gubbängen, everyone took a break to think about safety together.

Greta Brännlund nominated for Power Woman of the Year 2021

Every year, the association Kraftkvinnorna nominates Kraftkvinna of the Year. The award has been established to make women in the energy sector visible and uplifting, to broaden the recruitment base and attract more people to the industry. With more female role models, the hope is that more women will be attracted to the industry. This year, the nominations break records, almost 170 women have been nominated, which is absolutely fantastic!

One of the nominated women is our Assistant Business Area Manager Transmission, Greta Brännlund. Greta is the only nominee who represents the entrepreneurial side of the industry.

– It feels fantastic to represent Craftor but also the entrepreneurial side of our industry. I am convinced that the industry needs and would benefit from more women and more female role models, says Greta.

The winner will be crowned on November 15 at Epicenter in Stockholm and of course we keep our fingers crossed for Greta!