Internships are an important part of the education as this is where you get the chance to put a foot in working life and test the education you have chosen.

What is internship?

Internship is for those who go on vocational universities (Yrkeshögskola, YH) or university. During the internship you will be able to practice and test the knowledge you have learned during the courses of your education.

Even those who goes to high school can get the opportunity for an internship with us if you go to the electricity and energy program with a focus on electricity distribution.

What do you do during your internship at Craftor?

The assignments you get on your internship is based on the course outlines the student gets from school. You will be assigned experienced supervisors who will guide you in all important steps to be ready for working life.

Depending on what you study, you get to choose between being out in production or at our headquarters.

Examples of specializations – Construction engineer, project manager, distribution electrician, QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health and safety), surveyor etc.

You are welcome to submit your internship application. Selection is ongoing.

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