Turnkey switchgear and transformer stations directly adapted for the assignment. At our main establishments in Sundsvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund, Craftor designs, designs and builds its own products for station contracts and switchgear construction. It not only provides short lead times, but also a uniquely adapted product with a long service life, high efficiency and good quality that enables Sweden to continue to grow.

On behalf of the electricity network owners, we build new facilities and renovate old ones – Craftor’s products ensure high delivery security and better electricity quality for the best efficiency. We carry out everything from large turnkey contracts where raw land is transformed into highly efficient and modern GIS / AIS switchgear that is delivered turn-key, to minor renovations in complex already existing facilities. Our station department works in voltage levels from 10kV-400kV.

The company has extensive experience of complete and turnkey switchgear and transformer stations, which we build and deliver under our own auspices. This means that we are responsible for the entire project from feasibility study and construction to ground and construction work as well as verification and testing – thus we increase both delivery reliability and quality. The competence within the company minimizes the risks of external factors that can delay the project or worsen the result.

Together with our colleagues in transmission lines, we also design and build the initial spans required to connect the plant in the existing power grid.